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We are Reclaim Sandblasting of Gloucester  are industrial and domestic blast cleaning specialists. We use high performance equipment to clean, restore and protect all types of buildings, structures and fabrications. From our base in Hardwick , Gloucestershire, we operate throughout Gloucester Gloucestershire and the South West.

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Here at PEAKY SANDBLASTERS Gloucester we offer services in the blast cleaning of buildings, structures, fabrications and public spaces. Cleaning customers' property both on-site and off-site we take pride and care to achieve the highest possible blast cleaning standards on all manner of brick, stone and steelwork. Our specifically configured variable pressure blast cleaning system is both powerful and portable and enables us to offer

Blast Cleaning

Protective Coating

Water Jetting

Chemical Cleaning

The system, in the hands of our skilled and competent blast cleaning team, will cause the minimum of damage to your property and is flexible enough to tackle the most challenging building projects. As a small run business we are proud of our hard-earned reputation and therefore take pride in each and every blast cleaning project whether that be:-

Brick Cleaning

Stone Cleaning

Oak Beam Restoration

A fuller list of our comprehensive Blast Cleaning Services can be found here on our website but if you would prefer to talk through your project with us, please contact Reclaim Sandblasting and we are sure you will discover an open and honest blast cleaning company that takes pride in its work and is committed to offering the best possible advice throughout Gloucester and the South West.

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Blast cleaning (sandblasting, grit-blasting) consists of bombarding the surface of a material with one of many types of sand, grit or shot. Normally sandblasting is carried out to remove paint, rust or scale, but sometimes it is required to impart a particular surface, or uniform finish, to the object being blasted.

A typical sandblasting rig consists of a high powered air-compressor connected to a blasting pot (where the sand or grit is introduced) connected via a length of blast hose to the blast nozzle.

The abrasive material used can be calcium silicate, calcium carbonate, granules of iron silicate (chilled iron), silicon carbide, glass grit produced from recycled bottle bank glass, aluminium oxide, garnet and even walnut shells! Abrasive materials are available in many different sizes, from dust to 3.5mm.

Items which can be cleaned by our company vary from wood, soft stone, brick and masonry, through to aluminium, iron and steel. It is "simply" a case of determining the correct material and pressure to accomplish the task. For instance, wood or soft stone would be sandblasted at very low pressure using the finest grade of sand available, whereas iron or steel can be cleaned at full pressure using 2.5mm chilled iron, if necessary.

It is advisable to apply a first coat of primer to freshly blasted metal to prevent the onset of corrosion, and this can be carried out by Reclaim  using spray, roller or brush.

Dust nuisance can be effectively controlled, where appropriate, by using our Sat-Blast system; abrasive and water are mixed inside the machine and then delivered at pressures as low as 5 psi. As well as being dust-free, this device enables cleaning of delicate soft stone, using powdered abrasives that would otherwise be unsuitable in a traditional sandblasting pot.

If the use of water is not appropriate, we can still blast "dry" at very low pressure and have dust extraction equipment which will remove dust from confined spaces.

Due to the unpredictable nature of this work, and in order to gain an idea of the cost of the cleaning, it is sometimes necessary to carry out a "test patch" on the item in question; to ascertain the amount of time and material that will be required to remove the layers of paint etc without damaging the surface of the item itself

PEAKY SANDBLASTERS offers you a full range of mobile Or onsite blast & specialist cleaning Skills (sandblasting, shot blasting, Graffiti Cleaning .)

PEAKY SANDBLASTERS IS A PART Reclaim sandblasting gloucester and  is an industrial and domestic blast cleaning company based in Gloucester, Gloucestershire  specialising in the reclaiming of brick and stonework., Wood and Metals back to there former glory. We use high performance equipment (fully mobile or onsite in our premises) .

 We ensure that every job is completed to the very highest quality.

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