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Classic Foam Spray Insulation

Classic Spray Foam Plus Insulation

Classic Plus “O” – Fire Retardant Spray Foam Insulation

Classic Pour Fill Insulation

MD-R-210 Medium Density Spray Foam Insulation

MD-T-200 Medium Density Tank Insulation

The Benefits

Why Use Icynene?

Homeowner Benefits

Commercial Benefits

Compare to Fiberglass


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Health and Safety Benefits

Those concerned about healthy air can breathe a little easier in buildings insulated with the water-blown products offered by us. Dangers associated with certain forms of insulation, such as long-term VOC emissions, were not observed , according to extensive testing.

More Safety Benefits of Icynene Spray Foam Insulation:

Problems Addressed Before They Happen

Fire Safety

Rest assured that meets code requirements relating to fire safety. Icynene spray foam is a Class 1 material with a flame spread of less than or equal to 25.

Electrical Wiring

Independent third-party testing confirms that electrical wiring is not affected . Dangers of overheating were not found to be a concern during testing

Problems Avoided

As people become educated about the science of insulation, more and more are discovering both building performance and peace of mind on a whole new level — with . Problems that used to be commonplace, or even seem inevitable, can now be permanently avoided.

Help Prevent Energy Loss

Help Prevent Mold

Help Prevent Air Quality Issues

Prevent the Cost of Replacement

Problems Solved

Allergies & Asthma Relief

Noise Reduction

Selecting the Right Insulation Type

Your licensed contractor will advise on the best type of spray foam insulation to use for your property – open cell or closed cell. Different insulation types may be suitable in different applications.

Installation Preparation

Before starting installation, your licensed contractor will plan the installation

Which other trades need to be finished before spray foam can be installed

Protection of surfaces and advice on what needs to be protected

Barriers around the area to be sprayed

Access platforms if required

Temporary ventilation


Bringing equipment to the building

Routes for hoses

Waste disposal

This planning will ensure that the area can be sprayed efficiently and effectively and avoid problems during installation.

Application of  Spray Foam Insulation

Before applying  spray foam insulation, your Icynene licensed contractor will follow these steps:

Wear the required personal protective equipment

Mix the materials following  guidelines

Ensure the temporary ventilation is working

Take into account the temperature (especially if extremely hot or cold) and other conditions Ensure the substrate is ready to be sprayed on, and “flash” some substrates with a thin layer of foam in very cold weather Spray in the agreed areas and remove waste product Check that the insulation has been properly installed

Leave the sprayed area sealed for 24 hours with the ventilation working

Open up the area, remove the ventilation, and allow access

This allows for safe spraying of  spray foam – when you use  installation problems are avoided because the  licensed contractors pay attention to the details.

Comprehensive Warranty

When your installation is complete, we at Reclaim are licensed contractors and will give you all the information you need to claim your warranty. In the rare event that there is an installation problem, we at Reclaim  will make it right in accordance with the terms of the warranty.