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Classic Foam Spray Insulation

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MD-R-210 Medium Density Spray Foam Insulation

MD-T-200 Medium Density Tank Insulation

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Foam Spray Insulation Commercial Benefits

More Than Insulation, for Building Performance and Process Advantages

insulating spray foam is actually not just insulation; it’s also an air barrier that seals cracks and crevices other insulation types miss, easily providing a superior air seal even in the most unconventional designs. That means that by choosing  insulating spray foam, you can deliver unique and impressive performance advantages that will help to preserve the integrity of your buildings for years to come.

Your clients will be especially glad to know that insulating spray foam pays for itself in just three to four years on average — and performs for the life of the building, guaranteed.

Better yet for you, insulating spray foam comes with industry-leading support that can help you solve some of your job’s biggest challenges.

Performance Benefits of Insulating Spray Foam

Extreme energy efficiency – Up to 50% energy savings

Improved indoor air quality – Better protection against allergens and pollutants

Noise reduction – Peace and quiet to make a building more conducive to its purpose

Moisture management – Prevention against water and condensation, even in buildings requiring dual indoor climates (e.g. certain factories)

Process Benefits of Icynene Insulating Spray Foam

Design flexibility

insulating spray foam can efficiently seal even the most intricate and unusually shaped designs without delaying the construction schedule. In fact, it often saves times.

All the right insulating spray foam formulas

offers insulating spray foam options for new construction and renovation projects of all kinds in any climate

Approval by many global organizations:

ICC-ES: International Code Council Evaluation Service (USA)

CCMC: The Canadian Construction Materials Centre

BBA: The British Board of Agrément (United Kingdom)

ATec: Avis Technique (France)

EEA: European Economic Area

VTT: European Technical Approval

NSAI/IAB: National Standards Authority of Ireland/Irish Agrement Board

Reclaim Offer a full line of Icynene spray foam insulation products in Gloucester and the South West , and all Icynene spray foam insulation products are guaranteed to perform as specified for the life of the building.

Any Icynene spray foam insulation product can be used in both commercial and residential applications, including new construction and renovations. However, some products are better suited for particular climates and particular project goals.