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We are Reclaim Sandblasting of Gloucester  are industrial and domestic blast cleaning specialists. We use high performance equipment to clean, restore and protect all types of buildings, structures and fabrications. From our base in Hardwick  Gloucestershire, we operate throughout Gloucester Gloucestershire and the South West.

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Dry Ice Blasting

We at Reclaim provide a wide range of sandblasting  and Dry Ice Blasting cleaning services to Gloucester and surrounding Areas.

Regardless of how simple or complicated the task is, we aim to deliver the best solutions to maximize customer satisfaction. Take a look at our list of services to the left of your screen and contact us if you have any questions.

We ensure that every job is completed to the very highest quality.

Dry Ice Blasting Process Gloucester

Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive form of industrial cleaning and is the most versatile solution for decontamination. Dry ice blasting is also a fast and effective approach for removing dirt and grime as well as other materials from various types of surfaces. Due to its effectiveness in all areas of cleaning and surface removal, we can ensure that your business downtime is kept to a bare minimum

Dry ice blasting works by using particles of carbon dioxide which is then fired at high velocity to impact and clean a surface. The particles can be accelerated to supersonic speeds using compressed air via a handheld or mechanical outlet at the surface to be cleaned. This method of cleaning sets itself apart from other similar processes as the blasting of solid CO2 instantly vaporises on impact on the surface being treated meaning no residue or waste materials.

Dry ice blasting is one of the most effective ways of cleaning and significantly reduces the risk of damaging the underlying surface which means it can be used in a number of circumstances. If you aren't sure, speak to us today so we can provide our expertise to your specific requirements.

This method of cleaning is also one of the most eco-friendly processes as at the same time it is removing the target surface it is also eliminating the secondary waste which can often be hazardous and toxic

Reclaim offer a number of blast cleaning services such as:-

Hardwoods, Fire surrounds, Softwoods, Stone fireplace, Decking, Window frames, Glass, Flooring, Graffiti removal, Radiators, Timber joist, Chairs, Barns, Tables, Brickwork, Sculptures, Stonework, trailers, Gates and railings, tipper trucks, Alloy wheels, Steel wheels, Car bodies, Lorry chassis, Car chassis, Paving, Patios, Silos, Bike frame, Camper vans, Construction industry, Quarry machinery, Plant machinery, Bridges, Swimming pools, Concrete floors, Driveways, Boats, Masonry. Reclaim Blasting can almost abrasive blast clean anything except one thing: RUBBER.

Covering the whole of the southwest of England.

Collection and delivery can also be arranged for work to be carried out at our premises

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