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We are Reclaim Sandblasting of Gloucester  are industrial and domestic blast cleaning specialists. We use high performance equipment to clean, restore and protect all types of buildings, structures and fabrications. From our base in Hardwick  Gloucestershire, we operate throughout Gloucester Gloucestershire and the South West.

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Soda Blasting

We at Reclaim provide a wide range of sandblasting cleaning services to Gloucester and surrounding Areas.

Soda blasting is a very effective non-abrasive technique for removing paint from most surfaces such as steel, brick, stone, hardwood, aluminium, fibreglass etc. Soda blasting is one of the safest and environmentally friendly removal systems available with amazing results.

 We ensure that every job is completed to the very highest quality.

Soda Blasting Gloucester

Due to the gentle nature of the soda blast cleaning process, we are able to remove all traces of paint without distortion or damage from vintage car bodies and panels right through to listed buildings. Soda blasting will not remove corrosion. Rust must be removed by other methods using more abrasive media in localised areas which, we also do.

Soda blasting is environmentally friendly as the blast cleaning process works by breaking down hydrocarbons. One of the most versatile cleaning methods available, soda blasting is not only highly effective at removing paint from vehicles and classic cars but it is also highly effective for removing grease, oil, blood and fats from industrial stainless steel equipment found in kitchens and galleys.

The procedure itself is completely safe and environmentally friendly. Although care must be taken around plants and vegetation, as the alkaline properties of soda can be harmful, therefore, great care is taken by washing down the surrounding areas thoroughly once any onsite cleaning has been completed. Soda though, will clean drains thoroughly and safely

Reclaim offer a number of blast cleaning services such as:-

Hardwoods, Fire surrounds, Softwoods, Stone fireplace, Decking, Window frames, Glass, Flooring, Graffiti removal, Radiators, Timber joist, Chairs, Barns, Tables, Brickwork, Sculptures, Stonework, trailers, Gates and railings, tipper trucks, Alloy wheels, Steel wheels, Car bodies, Lorry chassis, Car chassis, Paving, Patios, Silos, Bike frame, Camper vans, Construction industry, Quarry machinery, Plant machinery, Bridges, Swimming pools, Concrete floors, Driveways, Boats, Masonry. Reclaim Blasting can almost abrasive blast clean anything except one thing: RUBBER.

Covering the whole of the southwest of England.

Collection and delivery can also be arranged for work to be carried out at our premises

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